Slit Optimization Software


SSO is an trim optimization software which helps to reduce the waste & scrap in Slitting of  Steel Coils, Paper, Plastic Rolls etc and maximize the utilization

SSO is made to optimize the utilization of a coil/paper/plastic roll during the slitting operation as per any order requirements.

SSO provides multiple slitting width combination planning a coil/paper/plastic roll during slitting as per yield in descending order (higher to lower) and it provide options to user to choose best optimized result one having maximum utilization.

Once the stock available and the orders required to be cut are entered, at the click of the button it gives the complete cutting plans, and detailed reports.

SSO is easy to use and with a user friendly Interface. Print facility to save record as hard copy.

SSO working with Live SAP Data based on Characteristics.

How it works

  • SSO can process N number of orders with N numbers of stock roll at a time and provide a number of options for mapping the orders on stock coil.
  • It consume maximum portion of roll and minimize the scrap part and provides all possible combinations of each orders with no of parts and no. of orders with all details including no of parts of each order with length to cut, remaining length and weight from roll.
  • A graphical representation show the mapping of orders on coil with each part differentiates with a different color.
  • It can map an order which required large amount of weight on multiple coils until the order not completed.


  • Simple Wizard like User Interface. It provides a graphical layout to better understand the planning of coil.
  • It can maximize the yield and minimize the scrap part from the slitting of a roll and reduces the manual effort for optimize planning of a roll with number of orders.
  • It shows the delivered quantity of order from the roll in planning with pending quantity and length to cut.
  • Provides hard copy of mapping layout and remove the order and stock if completed.
  • It can optimize the external data by uploading file in excel format.


  • Set settings (like trim, OD, processing type etc) before processing the orders. (user can save his own settings).
  • Enter filter parameters like thickness, Grade, Surface finish, customer etc.
  • Program get the live Sales order and Batch stock.
  • User can select any number of sales order and coils for Optimization processing.
  • Click on process button. It shows a list with mapping details with the descending order by Yield.
  • Select the combination for details. (Graphical view also available).
  • If user found the suitable combination, it can be save.
  • It update records in order and stock list with delivered and remaining quantity of both order and stock.
  • User can maintain the saved combinations.



Trim left/right.

Front/rear cut.

Baby coil weight range.

Unplanned slit width.

Outer Dia.

Analysis scenario ( many to many, max for single order, max for order with selected orders)

Analysis Type (Standard, Deep).


Thickness, Width, Grade, Surface Finish,

Order Number, Order date, Order Type,

Customer, material etc.