Web based document management system

Web Based Document Management System

Do you need a Document management system that is flexible, affordable, and straightforward to implement?

DMS  is designed to simplify the management of documents and files, making them instantly accessible from any location via the internet or your network. No steep learning curves here, you’ll find familiar buttons and icons so you can be productive immediately.

DMS is designed to securely manage the complete lifecycle of the document, from creation and use, to final disposition.


  • Reduces cost by automating processes.
  • Improves worker efficiency by enabling instant access to documents using a web browser.
  • Accelerates cycle times such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay with electronic workflow and delivery.
  • Demonstrates compliance to legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminates the need for complex user training.
  • Centralized and Fully Secured Document Storage.
  • Groupwise Folder Access Policy.
  • Project wise Centralized Directory Structures.
  • Web based File Manager For Upload/Download operations.
  • File Versioning.
  • Extended User Access Policy For Every Folder.
  • Enterprice Document Management facilities Departmentwise File cabinets.
  • Easy to use Admin Panel.